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Why we are #1

Online shopping has certainly made it a lot easier to snag a gorgeous collection of designer luxury handbags, however what you see isn’t always what you get, especially when other companies selling luxury designer handbags are concerned.

Most sites will show you the big glossy beautiful pictures of their products.  But often, the pictures are not representative of the products you will receive. As we all know, a carefully posed picture can make something look prettier than it really is.  Please google "Poshmoda reviews",  you will see why we are #1 (though we are not perfect).   Whichever site you are also looking at, just google them too and see if you can even find anything about them.  Let consumers speak for themselves.

However at Poshmoda, we feel differently. We are so confident that you will want to come back, again and again, after you receive our actual designer luxury handbags in your hands that we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.Aside from the fact that our luxury designer handbags are of the highest quality handbags, 99.9% mirror images of the originals, made from the same original genuine leather and brass hardware, with all proper labeling in all the correct places, and have the look and feel of the original thing at a fraction of the retail price...there are three measurable areas where we stand out from the rest of the sites offering luxury handbags online.

  1. You might find other sites to carry certain styles of luxury designer handbags that we don’t carry (even though we do have the largest bag inventory online).  Our business motto is this: We won’t carry anything that will embarrass you when you wear it out. Sounds simple, but it makes all the difference:
  • Most of the new styles of luxury designer handbags will take at least six months for the handbags manufacturer to perfect.  And certain styles just never get sold enough over time to make it worthy for the manufacturer or our design team to spend time and resources to perfect them.
  • This company was founded by two women who used to work for Vogue in Italy. This means we have a commitment to living up to some fairly exacting style standards. When we are putting together a new line of Gucci handbags which may take months to get the pattern right because we are absolutely dedicated to producing perfect reproductions that honor the original design down to the smallest detail.
  • We are not here to make a quick buck, we want you to come back and refer your family and friends to us.  Therefore, we only carry the styles of designer luxury handbags that we are absolutely sure that the manufacturer has perfected to the point of being virtually indistinguishable from the authentic bags.
  •   As you can see, we focus on the popular classic styles that don’t go out of fashion, as well as celebrity IT bags of the year.  We want you to wear our luxury designer handbags proudly, knowing you got it for $200 but looking and feeling like a million dollars.  Because you deserve only the best. Just for less.
  1. Our delivery is the most reliable, and fastest in the industry, period.
  • We don’t ship anything that has not been strictly quality controlled.  All of our designer luxury handbags and accesories must pass a series of checks in order to qualify for sale, and we are committed to this process.
  • If anything is out of stock you will be notified right away, and we will do our best to either find you a suitable replacement, or get you the item you requested expediently.
  • You will be provided with a tracking number that lets you follow the progress of your purchase, all the way to your doorstep.
  • Any item that is stalled, or seized at customs will immediately be re-shipped to you at no cost. We want you to get the handbag of your dreams.
  1. We are professional and courteous.
  • Test us, we are the only online luxury handbags site that offers true 24/7 live-chat customer service. 
  • A lot of sites will sell to you, but not communicate with you afterwards, often leaving you worried about when or if your package will arrive.  We are always happy to provide you with any information we can, especially after you have made purchase with us, and our customer service department is a well-informed and dedicated team of professionals happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • This is our business: we have built a small, growing company, built on the twin principles that extraordinary designer luxuryhandbags can be produced with a high standard for both quality, and customer service – we’re confident that you will find our luxury designer handbags to be the very best, and that you will be satisfied by your experience here at Poshmoda.

Shopping for replicas is like shopping for cars.  Why is Mercedes more expensive than Toyota?  They both run, but look very different and demand different respect from society.  The question is: Do you want to be spotted as someone who is carrying a fake handbag or spend $50-$100 more and make people look at you and wonder "what did she do right in life to be able to afford a $2,000 - $10,000 handbag like that?"  We offer you the later perception. 

Just Google us, see what other customers who bought from us and other websites say about our bags.  Also read our real customer testimonials. There is a reason why 90% of our customers buy from us more than once (and we hope you will be one of them too after you buy your first bag from us.)

 The poshmoda.co Team